Afinităţile culturale ale paleoliticului din sud-vestul Transilvaniei cu regiunile învecinate

The cultural affinities of paleolithic from south-west Transylvania with the areas from neighbourhood

Autor: Romică Pavel


To compare the technical aspects of the tools processing during Palaeolithic time, we thought as necessary to present the geographical frame of the areas we have aimed in this paper work. The geographical frame has the same characteristics without important differences which might influence the processing technique of the prime material used for tools. Thus, it can be noticed that only the quality of the prime material determinate the utilisatision of some discharging techniques. Because in the majority of the cases the prime material used was from the local areas, the only differences are in the tools percentage made from flint, opal, chalcedony, jasper in comparison with those made from quartz

The utilization in a large way of the quartz created a cultural period named The Quartzitical Palaeolithic, characteristic to the settlements from the Carpathian caves and also created some discharging techniques adapted to the quartz characteristics. When prime materials were of a good quality the technique used was different and Levallois tools appeared even if they were in small percentages.

So, it can be noticed a lot of similitude between the south-west Transylvania Palaeolithic and that from northern Oltenia and Banat.

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