Alegerile parlamentare din anul 1910 în comitatul Arad între legalitate şi realitate

The parlamentary elections from 1910 in the county of Arad between legality and reality

Autor: Lucian Petraş

 The author presents in this study the electoral campaign and the parlamentary elections from 1910 that took place in the area of Arad.The elections were marked by the victory of The National Party of Work’s nominees in the majority of the constituencies from the county of Arad. Beyond the circumstancial triumph registered by Stefan Cicio-Pop in Siria, the other results of The Romanian National Party were negative in the county. The potential support of the Romanian voters could not be sufficiently capitalized by the national nominees because of the county voters’ authorities that used a lot of abusive methods in order to dislocate the solidarity of the Romanian voters and to use them in the goverment group’s advantage.

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