Alegerile parlamentare parţiale din februarie 1936 în judeţul Hunedoara

Partial parliamentary elections from February 1936 in Hunedoara County

 Autor: Marin Pop

The partial parliamentary elections from 18 February in Hunedoara and Mehedinţi counties had a major importance, because they clarified the situation of the politics in Romania.

The whole activity of the political parties in that period is resumed to preparing the election campaign for the partial parliamentary elections, because their result could be seen as an indication and an assent to the succession of governing the country.

On the one hand there were situated the political parties of the right, supporters of the German politics. They were asking for setting up of the authoritative regime of king Carol II. On the other hand there was the pole of the left, which was at the beginning of its construction. The National Romanian Party and the National Peasant Party were situated in the middle of the two ideologist trends. The elections were won at great distance by the candidate of N.P.P., Ghiţă Pop. Although they won those elections by joining the forces of center-left and left, N.P.P. kept apart from the tendencies of those organizations of sliding to extreme left. The National Peasant Party and The National Liberal Party were still the only political forces able to insure the welfare of Romanian inter-war democracy.


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