Anul expoziţional 2008 la Muzeul de Etnografie şi Artă Populară Orăştie


Exhibition 2008 year on Etnography and Popular Art Museum of Orăştie

 Autor: Daniel I. Iancu

This communication plays, briefly, activity of Etnography and Popular Art Museum Orăştie, department of the MCDR Deva, in 2008. So, there are presented four temporary exhibitions which could be viewed over this period, with their main themes and features, concepts and methods of organization space, objects and materials exposed etc. In this case: The Dacians Civilization in Orăştie Mountains, Harmony Man – Nature, 95 years from the tragic end of airman Aurel Vlaicu and Măgureni – A village abandoned, which, togheter, form an overview about fair approach from reffered institution.


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