Aprovizionarea cu apă a castrelor din Dacia

Water supply of military camps in roman Dacia

 Autor: Gica Baestean

In this article we tried to put together a catalogue of discoveries connected with water supply systems of military camp in Roman Dacia, as well as to sketch some conclusions that can be drawn from the analysis of this material.

A problem is that of correct identification of the pieces. In quite many cases wordings lacking of clarity were used – tubes or burnt clay tubes – that do not help at all. The scarcity of information is added to these, in only some of the cases the images are used, and the majority of the description stop with the mere recording of the pieces existence.

One can notice that the installation used in almost all situation is the ceramic tubes aqueduct. But in two cases the use of lead pipes is mentioned: in Breţcu and Războieni military camps.

In some cases we have information about fountains or even installation supplied by the aqueducts, or about drainage channel systems.


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