Ardeu – Cetăţuie. Ten years after


Cuvinte cheie: daci, cetate, Ardeu, cercetări, Munţii Apuseni

Keywords: Dacians, fortress, Ardeu, researches, Apuseni Mountains

Muzeul Civilizaţiei Dacice şi Romane Museum from Deva began in the Summer of 2001 the archaeological researches on the territory of the Ardeu village, Hunedoara county, Romania. The investigations were focused on the Cetăţuie Hill and also to the meadow of the Valea Ardeului brook, on the southern side of the hill. Together with the Museum from Deva, some other institutions were involved: „1 Decembrie 1918” University from Alba Iulia, Muzeul Naţional de Istorie al Transilvaniei Museum, from Cluj Napoca, Corvin Castle Museum, from Hunedoara and The Sistemic Archaeology Institute, from Alba Iulia.

More than ten years after, we can count some achievements and many new directions for researches are oppened too. 

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