Aspecte legate de arhitectura unor biserici de lemn de pe Valea Mureşului (Dumbrăviţa, Târnava, Târnăviţa, Bărăştii Iliei, Şoimuş, Boz, Căbeşti şi Gialacuta)

Some architectural aspects of wooden churches from the Mureş Valley

Autor: Camelia Câzu

 At the end of the XIX century the number of wooden churches was very large but this number was even larges in the past, especially in Transilvania. Hunedoara region has, on the Mureş Valley some beautiful examples who remain as proove of an ancient wood civilization. The architecture of these churches is inspired by farmer’s wood houses, keeping the same simple structure and decoration.

Along time, a lot of wooden churches from Hunedoara region disspeared because of natural disasters, they were replaced by new ones, bigger and made of stone. The knowledge about all this churches is very important for our history and art history, enriching this sphere.

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