Aspecte politice din Ţinutul Pădurenilor în perioada anilor 1944-1945 reflectate de ziarul „Zori Noi”


Political frames of „Ţinutul Pădurenilor” between 1944-1945 reflected by the journal „Zori Noi”

Autor: Gherghina Boda

 The „Zori Noi” newpaper had appeared at Deva and Petroşani and it was managed of Teodor Vancea, chief editor. It was a communist newpaper.

In that period, the inhabitants of The Woodmen’s Country had numberless dissatisfactions concerning the division of land, woods and pastures, abuses of local officialdoms, absence of electric power, poverty etc.

For these reasons many peasants adhered to „Frontul Plugarilor”, communist organization of peasants and they had established some residences of the Romanian Commnunist Party in many villages.


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