Atelierul de producere a podoabelor de bronz din dava getică de la Cetăţeni

The bronze adornments workshop from the Getic settlement at Cetăţeni

Autor: Dragoş Măndescu

 After 40 years since their discovery, are offered now to the scientifical circuit more artifacts from the Getic station at Cetăţeni (Argeş county), which are preserved in the collections of the Argeş County’s Museum. They have a particular value for the illustration of making adornments handicraft in the center from the superior Dâmboviţa valley: a clay crucible, a clay pattern for rings, bronze little chisel, a bronze tool for metal’s puncture and a little corrugation in burr. All of them contribute to the increasement of the repertoire of these discoveries from the Geto-Dacian classical epoch and culture.

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