Biserica de lemn „Cuvioasa Paraschiva” din Pianu de Sus (Jud. Alba), în câteva documente din a doua jumătate a secolului al XIX-lea

The „Pious Paraschiva” wooden church from Pianu de Sus (Alba County), in some documents at the end of 19th century

Autor: Ioana Rustoiu


The wooden church of the Romanian community from Pianu de Sus, built in 1761 is a small historical monument, still up but important through the position occupied at the top of the hill, at the foot of which the church made of wall is built.

In the middle of 19th century, the building of the second church made of wall determined the closing of the old wooden church. In 1881, the orthodox demanded the reopening of the church and the calling of the third priest. They are refused, the church being considered “small, dark and ruined” and it was recommended its demolishing.

In 1897, the Archdiocesan Council from Sibiu asked the wooden church from Sibiu to be moved in Boz, because the orthodox from there didn’t have money to build a new and lasting church. The community from Pianul de Sus refuses church’s giving up, as they hoped to use it sometimes for preaches. (Translated by Corina Sabin)

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