Biserica greco-catolică din Scaunul Orăştiei între 1867-1914

the Greek-Catholic Church in the District of Orăştie between 1867-1914

Autor: Marius Bârlianu


Shortly after the unification with the Church of Rome, the Greek-Catholic believers in the District of Orastie were organised in a rectorate and parishes at a local level. The rectors had their residence in Balomir, Cugir and Orastie. In the middle of the 18th century the religious unification was contested, which led to local movements of revolt. At a confessional level, the statistics of the period shaw the consequences of the religious problems in the District of Orastie through a decreasing number of priests and believers.

Between 1867-1914 the Greek-Catholic Church in the District of Orastie was under the jurisdiction of the Bishopric of Lugoj, having a reduced number of parishes and believers. As for the competence field, this rectorate had the Greek-Catholic parishes in the villages around Orastie and Cugir under its subordination. The rectors and priests in the area of Orastie carried on a good activity in the religious, educational, administrative and political fields.To a greater extent, due to their efforts, the Romanians will find their own place in the multiethnic and pluriconfessional scene of the area during the dual period, as an element of specificity of the District of Orastie.

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