Catedrala Încoronării, 15 octombrie 1922. Încoronarea suveranilor României Mari. Regele Ferdinand i şi Regina Maria (din colecţiile muzeului din Alba Iulia)

The Coronation Cathedral, 15 October 1922. The Coronation of Great Romania sovereigns king Ferdinand i and Queen Mary (from the collections of the Museum from Alba Iulia)

 Autor: Ionela Simona Mircea

At Alba Iulia, on the 15th of October 1922, King Ferdinand and Queen Mary became the monarchs of Greater Romania. The coronation took place in the Coronation Cathedral, built between 1921 and 1922 precisely for this event, through which one ruler of all Romanians was consecrated.

Delegates from 13 European states took part in the Alba Iulia ceremony, such as Queens Mary of Yugoslavia and Elisabeth of Greece, Princess Beatrice of Bourbon, the Duke of York, Generals Berthelot and Weygand.

The Metropolitan Bishop Miron Cristea held a Solemn Mass in the Coronation Cathedral and blessed the crowns of the new monarchs.

The canopy under which the coronation ceremony took place was erected on a red pedestal placed on a stage draped in red, which had been set up in front of the belfry.

After the Mass, the royal suite headed by King Ferdinand and Queen Mary arrived at the canopy.

The King first placed his steel crown on his head and then put a gold crown on the head of his kneeling wife. Rounds of cannon announced the consecration for the first monach of all Romanians.

The King then read his Coronation speech and headed for the royal chambers together with the Queen. He passed by the foreign delegates, members of Parliament and other guests, and waved to the crowd.

The Royal family and its guests took part in a banquet organized by the government in the same hall where Transylvania’s union with the rest of Romania had been ratified on the 1st of December 1918

The 20,000 peasants that had come to Alba Iulia from all over the country feasted on spit roasts in wooden barracks set up on the citadel walls.

40,000 soldiers took part in the parade of the troops.

The Bucharest officials celebrated the coronation the following day.


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