Cercetările arheologice de la Giurtelecu Şimleului – „Coasta lui Damian” (iii). Descoperirile culturii Coţofeni

The archaeological researches from Giurtelecu Şimleului – „Coasta lui Damian” (iii).

The Coţofeni`s culture discoveries

Autor: Ioan Bejinariu

The present paper brings to the attention of archaeologists interested in the study of Coţofeni culture the recent discoveries of these culture from Giurtelecu Şimleului, „Coasta lui Damian” hill, which was investigated in 1998-1999. Three pits (Pl. III) and a dwelling (Pl. II/3) belong to Coţogeni culture bearers. Their inventory consist in ceramics (unbroken and fragments), tools made from horn, stone, bone and clay and the pits have in common the presence of a grinder made from local rock.
By the analyses of ceramic material discovered, the Coţofeni site from Giurtelecu Şimleului „Coasta lui Damian” hill can be dated to the final period of these culture evolution, with the specification, that dwelling can be little recently than the evolution of Coţofeni culture, in a post-Coţofeni stage, still insufficiently known in the northern Transilvania.
Untill now, in Sălaj county we have informations about 62 sites belonging to Coţofeni culture, from I-st to the III-rd phase. Only few sites was investigated by archaeological excavations (Giurtelecu Şimleului „Coasta lui Damian”, Hereclean „Dâmbul Iazului”, Pericei „Keller-tag” , Zalău „I.S.C.I.P. – Baza DROMET”, Moigrad „Măgura Moigradului”, Porţ „Corău”) – sistematically or rescue excavations. Discoveries with funeral character come from Hereclean (a cremation grave in pit) and a cremation grave under a tumulus from Domnin. The both cases are problematically, because missing the osteological analyses.

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