Colecţia de grafică documentară a Muzeului de Istorie. Aspecte generale de conservare

Ramona Staicu

The Documentary Graphics Collection of the History Museum General Conservatory Items

Autor: Ramona Staicu

The documentary graphics collection of the History Museum has been created at the end of the 19th century. The collection is a valuable documentary source especially for the historians, art historians, architects, photographic historians as well as the public.

The documentary graphics collection contains postcards, lithographies and photographs with diverse themes: historic events, Romanian and foreign personalities, fortifications, buildings which no longer exist, cultural institutions, images of the main Romanian cities and of European capitals.

In this article I have presented a few general aspects concerning the re-evaluation of these documents to promote the conservation of the documentary graphics collection, to control its microclimate conditions, to keep it for future posterity, and to present it in an exhibition for the benefit of the public.

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