Comportament demografic şi calitatea vieţii în Valea Almăjului la 1938

Demographic behavior and life quality in Almăj Valley at 1938

Autor: Carmen Albert


After a monographic campaign made by Social Institute of Banat Crişana in Almăj Valley at 1938, there have been a plenty information stocked in archives. They have been partially published.

This study is trying to use the unpublished information and to offer some marks regarding demographic behaviour, lifestyle in this area, tendency to urbanisation, life quality etc. Our research revealed some major factors, causes, motivations, determination and dynamics features during the global process of economic modernisation and cultural emancipation. The classic family was replaced with the modern one, birth rate decreased, the way that family was constituted and the evolution of its functions is evidence that urbanisation is in progress. This process was unequal, but even that, the life conditions have been considerably optimised.

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