Consideraţii privind activitatea casei de pensiuni a funcţionarilor societăţii „Mica” din complexul minier de la Brad

On the operation of the pensions house for the managing personnel in „Mica” company belonging to the Brad mining complex

Autor: Mircea Baron 

This paper is an attempt to decipher the mechanisms underlying the operation of the retirement insurance system for the employees of the mining Association „Ruda 12 Apostoli” Brad between 1919-1948, the Association being purchased by „Mica” Company in 1920. It mainly focuses on the operation of the Pensions Fund for the managing personnel, later transformed into the Pensions House, and which, through the resources it attracted and due to efficient fund management, but also with the substantial support of „Mica” Company, will be able to ensure the necessary sums for the retirement pensions of the managing personnel employed in „Mica” Brad during its entire existence.


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