Consideraţii privind învăţământul primar confesional greco-catolic din Valea Jiului în perioada 1867-1918 (II)

Considerations on primary religious Greek-Catholic education in Jiu Valley during 1867-1918 (II)

Autor: Carmen Barna


The present study continues the line of the article published in the previous issue of this history magazine and discusses some of the aspects concerning the Greek-Catholic confessional education in the Jiu Valley and Hunedoara County during the days of the Austro-Hungarian Dualism.

Whereas the previous article dealt with the legislative problems of education, as well as the confessional school network, the present one focuses on the aspects of organization and evolution of the teaching process in this area. Thus, the article contains considerations on the management and organization of the educational process, coordinated by the Greek-Catholic Archpriestship from Lupeni, aspects regarding the length and structure of a school year, the school attendance of pupils, curricula. As regards the aspect of the curricula, the archive material is fairly rich, making available useful information structured on subject matters and classes. We did not ignore the issue of school schedules and syllabuses, as well as that of the teaching material used by the teaching staff.

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