Contribuţii la cunoaşterea fotografului albaiulian Arthur Bach (1874-1979) şi a creaţiei sale

Contribution to the knowledge of Alba Iulia photographer Arthur Bach (1894-1979)


Dorin Ovidiu Dan

Iulia Ramona Dan

The authors make an incursion in photography history, illustrating with names of important photographers, with their own workshops, known in urban centers from all country. Are made reference to Arthur Bach (1894-1979), counting 266 clips (with glass and celuloid support), buyed by the Alba Iulia municipality from his family who live in Germany. This ones- datated in decade 4 or 5 of the XX century- presents an various thematic, general views, buildings, houses, markets, parks, historical monuments or natural monuments, from Alba Iulia, Aiud, Abrud, Blaj, Uioara, Zlatna, Apuseni Mountains, Brad, Geoagiu Baths, Hunedoara, Orastie.

The collection is it self a usefully and veridical document which, corroborate with the historical ones, face out the time pass.

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