Corespondenţa lui Francisc Hossu Longin păstrată în arhiva mureşenilor din Braşov (II)

The correspondence of Francisc Hossu-Longin kept in the Mureşieni’s archive from Braşov (II)

Autori: Valer Rus, Marcel Morar


In the Mureşianu’s archive, from the Casa Mureşenilor Museum, Braşov, several letters of the famous politician from Deva Francisc Hossu-Longin are kept. The letters are addressed to members of the Mureşianu family.

The 10 letters are part of the correspondence of Francisc Hossu-Longin with Aurel Mureşianu, written during 1895-1897, period of time corresponding to the beginning of the post-memorandum crisis.

These letters not only capture the atmosphere of the respective years, but they are also important source of information for the historian with an interest in those times.

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