Despre artiştii englezi şi francezi din secolul al XIX-lea, autori ai reprezentărilor grafice privind oraşele româneşti

About English and French artist from the 19th century authors of graphic representations of Romanian Cities

Autor: Anda – Lucia Spânu


It’ s known that collections of documents are important, but most of those who are studying them have in mind only particular aspects of them. The artists who accompanied the travelors in their way and due to whom we have images of those events, play only a secondary role or none in nowadays bibliography.

Among those who during the times wrote about traveller-artists we name: George Oprescu, Ioan C. Băcilă, Paul Cernovodeanu, Andrei Cornea emphasises only on some aspects and, from another point of view, we can mention Adrian-Silvan Ionescu.

In this work there are presented two English (George Hering and William Henry Bartlett) and three French (Hector de Béarn, Auguste Raffet and Auguste Lancelot) artists, with aspects concerning to their lives and the context they have visited our country. From the great variety of Romanian issues and persons illustrated by these five artists I’ll insist only about cityscapes and views of Romanian urban life

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