Despre bibliotecile săteşti în lumina unui document din perioada interbelică

About the libraries of the villages in light of a document from the interwar period

Autor: Ionela Simona Mircea


In 1940, in a report that is forwarded to the Instruction Ministry, school inspector Nicolae Nistor begins his speech for reorganization of the village libraries insisting over the role of book in education.

Throughout the report, his main argument, sustained by a series of statistical data, is the effort, in this direction, of two leading personalities of the Romanians, Spiru Haret and Constantin Angelescu, visionaries and at the same time men of action who, while leading the Minstry of Instruction, tried by a coherent legislative activity, and to a certain extent, they succeeded also the reformation of Romanian education, including in the world of village. The results of the efforts are proven by the establishment of village libraries, the organization of some courses of specialization with the purpose of training some good librarians recruited in most of the cases from among schoolmasters, the arousing of interest for reading in the world of the village, peasants who were able to read creating their own libraries.


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