Detecţia şi caracterizarea uleiului de in sicativat din lucrări vechi de pictură de şevalet


Muzeul Naţional Brukenthal Sibiu

Cuvinte cheie: pictură de şevalet, liant pictural, tehnici spectrale de analiză structurală, ulei de in sicativat, cromatograme şi spectre

Keywords: easel painting, binding media, spectral techniques for structural analyses, siccativated linseed oil, chromatograms and spectra

În articol sunt prezentate aplicaţii ale cuplajului GC-MS (cromatografie de gaze cuplată cu spectrometrie de masă) în detecţia şi caracterizarea uleiului de in sicativat în probe picturale de cca. 1 mg, prelevate din lucrări vechi de pictură de şevalet. Rezultatele analizelor au fost folosite pentru confirmarea tehnicii de execuţie a picturilor analizate.

Detection and Characterization of the Siccativated Linseed Oils

from Old Easel Paintings


The paper is focused on the GC-MS (gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry) technique analysis applications for the detection and characterization of the siccativated linseed oil in samples weighing about 1 mg. The samples used for analyses were collected from old easel paintings.

GC-MS analysis results were correlated with data obtained by other methods of analysis, NMR and FT-IR, confirming that molecular structures analyzed are similar to those of fraction extracts analyzed by GC-MS.

The GC-MS results were used to validate the painting techniques.

The examples we have presented illustrate both successful application of spectral GC-MS analysis technique of the analyzed artworks as well as the role of chemistry in researching old painting.

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