Din corespondenţa lui Francisc Hossu – Longin cu George Bariţiu (1877-1892) – 12 scrisori

From the corespondence between Francisc  Hossu-Longin with George Bariţiu (1877-1892) – 12 letters

Autor: Gelu Neamţu


The 12 letters published here bring a contribution to the biography of Francisc  Hossu-Longin, to the history of Deva and the evolution of the national movoemtn of the Romanians in Transilvania during the austrian-hungarian dualist period.

They are a relevant proof for the ethnic oppression (cleansing?) against the Transilvanian Romanians which were brutaly deprived of elementary rights such as studying in their mother tongue, in order to be more easily ‘magyarized’.

One of these letters (the one of July 15 1884) is extremely valuable as it lays at the root of the true popular movement to celebrate the centennial of the resurection lead by Horea, Cloşca and Crişan, a movment which was outlawed by the hungarian government.

These letters unveil the discovery in Deva of two mass graves where 46 Romanians slaughtered in 1784 were buried.

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