Din corespondenţa lui Victor Ioan Oprişiu cu Ion Muşlea (1935-1966)


From Victor Ioan Oprişiu’s correspondence with Ion Muşlea (1935-1966)

Autor: Ioachim Lazăr


One of the most passionate collector of folklore from Hunedoara County and the northern part of Gorj County was the professor – priest Victor Ioan Oprişiu. He was born on June 14, 1911 at Baru Mare. In this locality he has completed primary school. He graduated high school from Orastie, Petroşani and Lugoj. Between 1929 and 1933 he graduated the Theological Academy of Blaj and he began priest.

The passion of the young man of Baru Mare for folklore dating from around 1926. At the instigation of the teacher Aurel E. Peteanu, of the high school of Lugoj, he started to collect folk creations from his native village. It was developed an intense correspondence between Victor Ioan Oprişiu and the Director of folk Archive of Cluj that certify the qualities of folk collector of this young man of Baru Mare.

The correspondence between Victor Ioan Oprişu and the Director of the Folklore Archive of Cluj shows the real size and passion of the work undertaken by the professor, in the research of romanian ethnography and folklore, from two historical zones with a strong cultural interference: the southern part of Haţeg Countryside and the northern part of Gorj County.


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