Din istoria extragerii aurului aluvionar

A history of alluvial gold extraction

Autori: Constantin Nichitean

Coralia-Maria Jianu


Gold always fascinated the human kind, its history being closely connected with human history. The richest area in this noble metal of our country is the Apuseni Mountains area, but as a paradox, this richness was not always to the benefit of its inhabitants.

The purpose of this paper is to familiarize the readers with the alluvial gold deposits and the possibility of rending the alluvial gold profitable.

We begin with available historical sources concerning the alluvial gold, to continue with the recovery of the gold from these deposits in the different Romanian provinces: Transylvania, Banat, Moldova and Ţara Românească. Then we describe the tools and their utilization in Romania and elsewhere, mentioning the small museum where these original tools are still to be seen (Roşia Montană, Brad, Sibiu). At the end we present illustrations about this trade.

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