Din istoria tractorului cu blazonul “Lanz Bulldog”

From the history of the tractor with the coat of arms „Lanz Bulldog”

Autor: Ronald Hocchauser

 The history of „Heinrich Lanz – Factory of Agricultural Machines” from Mannheim, Germany began in 1860. Then, Heinrich Lanz (1838-1905) started a workshop of agricultural machines and tools repairing.

In 1867 Heinrich Lanz began to make agricultural machines and in 1879 he built a locomobile for training the ploughs and the threshing machines. Dr. engineer Fritz Huber (? -1947) joined to the company in 1916. He involved in creating the prototype of mono-bloque built tractor, which was supplied with fuel oil.

In 1921 was built the first oil conveyer with hot-bulb engine – model 12 HP Bulldog or H2 (second photo). In 1923 the make HP –pulled by four wheels was made.

In 1924 the make HL was built and in 1925 the make HR2 (the „Great Bulldog”) appeared (third photo). The make HR5 was produced beginning with 1926 (fourth photo). In 1929 they built the make HR6 and in 1930 they built the make HN or the „Little Bulldog”

In 1932 they produced the make HN2 with some series of technical simplifications. After 1938 the makes D9506, D1506 (sixth photo), D4506 (seventh photo) appeared. In 1956 „The American Concern of Agricultural Machines called John Deere” (founded in 1837) took over the „Heinrich Lanz Company”. The name of the make changed into „John Deere-Lanz”. Starting with 1967 the name wasn’t used on the products of the company.

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