Din istoricul secţiei de artă a muzeului Ţării Crişurilor din Oradea din perioada funcţionării sale în palatul baroc (1971-2005)

Recording proposal regarding the former exhibition places through putting in equation, as complementary method to visual and descriptive fixing

 Autor: Vasile Sarca

At the time when the changes in all domains of the social life are more accelerated, it is difficult to foresee which of them will have positive or negative consequences. The present policy of the restitution “in integrum”, especially that which aim at some buildings that sheltered objectives of social interest, aims at the museums, too. Many of them pass a grave crisis of space that is materialized through closings, reducing or change their places. Even if the museum, as institution, is connected to a place in which the activities are carried on, in the space crisis, the institution has to not suspend its activity.

The conservation, being one of the main prerogatives of the museum, it has to extend its prerogatives to the conservation of the image of what represents the museum before a crisis moment. So that it are welcomed any methods, from empirical to advanced ones, which come to support the conservation, immortalization, stocking of some information about a museum that is in transition period.

In this study, the author proposes himself, using an empirical method that is simple at the first view, to record an exhibition space through putting it in equation. This method, together with other ones, more or less complexes, is able to facilitate in every moment the reconstitution of a situation that belongs to the past.



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