Diplomaţi americani sub lupa securităţii – Cazul delegaţiei Mark Siljander

usa diplomats closely watched by the state security – the case of Mark Siljander’s delegation

Autor: Denisa Florentina Bodeanu


This study presents, based on the documents from the archive of the former State Security, the visit made by an American-English delegation conducted by the congressman Mark Siljander between 17-19 december 1984 in Romania.

The visit of the Siljander’s delegation was attended at a time when the Romanian-American relationships had become tensioned because of the economical and political problems and of the human rights’ violation by the Romanian authorities. According to the information held by the State Security, the reason for the Siljander delegation’s shifting to Romania was to obtain and verify information and facts regarding the way human rights are respected in Romania , mostly the religious ones and of the national minorities.

Between 11-17 december 1984, the members of the Siljander’s delegation traveled to various places, especially Transilvania and Banat and met with the local authorities and with the officials of cultes.

After their visit in Romania, the members of the Siljander’s delegation declared that, even though some progress had been made concerning the human rights in our country , the situation of the cultes representatives and of the churches in Romania is far from satisfactory.

In our opinion this visit represented one of the numerous attempts made by the USA in the 80’s for convincing the regime in Bucarest to make some economical and social changes. The refractory attitude of the Romanian authorities led to a lack of communication between Romania and America, at the end of the 80’s and to the violent collapse of the communist regime in 1989.


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