Divinităţile din spatele numelor. Epitete şi competenţe.



Centrul de Studii Romane, Universitatea „Babeş-Bolyai”, Cluj-Napoca

Cuvinte-cheie: religia romană, Colonia Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa, monumente epigrafice, Epitheta Deorum, temple

Keywords: Roman religion, Colonia Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa, epigraphic monuments, Epitheta Deorum, temples

Lucrarea de faţă are ca scop principal prezentarea, cu obiectivitate, a manifestărilor tangibile (monumente epigrafice şi arhitectonice de cult), pentru acele divinităţi din Sarmizegetusa care sunt menţionate cu epitete sacre. Pe parcursul studiului se va constata că nu toate divinităţile aveau dreptul la anumite epitete şi că nu oricine îşi putea permite ridicarea unor astfel de monumente.

Dieties behind Names. Epithets and Skills


The religious life at Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa is attested by many monuments and inscriptions which make reference to divinities, temples, priests, etc. Both figurative and epigraphic monuments reveal (through the iconographic pattern and through the epithets) which divinity was worshipped the most.

The present study has as the main goal to objectively present the epigraphic and religious architectural monuments dedicated to those divinities from Sarmizegetusa who, besides their name, are mentioned with an adjoining sacred epithet. The paper has as goal not only to incorporate the epithets, but also to analyse the meaning of Epitheta Deorum, and to present the attained conclusions. Following this study, we underline the fact that the divinities from Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa present some very important features not only for the first town in Dacia, but also for the spiritual life of the entire province.

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