Epidemia de holeră din 1873 pe teritoriul Transilvaniei. Cauze şi efecte

The cholera pest hole from 1873 on Transylvania’s demesne. Causes and effects

 Autor: Camelia Stanciu

For Transylvania, the cholera pest hole from 1873 was the last this kind of test, which caused a general accession of mortality and a strong feeling of man’s insecurity against the world he lived in. Cholera is one of the diseases which afected many times a big part from the world’s populations and the visible consequences were in the demography’s area. In Transylvania the cholera pest hole from 1873 caused many mutations, interesting to follow, at the psyhical, social, demograph’s level and also in interpersonal contacts. The mortality was sensitive increased and the state, with the help of the church, tried the implementation of some measures to prevent and stop the colera cases at the population’s level; now it’s time for medical policy to have a true boom. The bad hygiene and the low level of education were the fundamental sources of this disease’s appearance and development.



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