Evoluţia demografică a scaunului Orăştie între 1867 –1914

The demographic evolution of the district of Orastie between 1867 – 1914

 Autor: Vasile Marius Bârlianu

The statistics used as sources, which regard Transylvania, contain information about the demographic evolution of the district Orastie between 1720-1847. But statistics are sometimes estimations, therefore we regard them with a certain reserve. The administrative structure of the region progressed. The number of localities within the district of Orastie ranging from 12 to 16.

The study will deal with the ethno-demographic and confessional evolution of the district over a period of 60 years(1850 – 1910). Although there have been seven censuses, those of 1869, 1890, and the First World War could not be used as, due to financial reasons, olny the data about jurisdictions were published. The period between the Revolution of 1848 and the First World War was one of transition, of significant changes in the political, economic or social life in the district of Orastie, just like in many other districts.



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