Evoluţia preţului la cărbunele vândut Căilor Ferate Române în perioada interbelică

The evolution of the price, of the coal to the Romanian railway during the inter-wars

Autori: Mircea Baron, Oana Dobre-Baron


The coal will represent one of the combustible produces which was much used for creation of the force necessary in different economical fields, for the industrial and home heating in inter-war period. C.F.R. will be the most principal buyer of coal made in Romania, Mining Extractive Industry depending on its prices and its politics of acquisition. In this paper we try to out line on evidence an aspect of the relation between mining societies, as a producer and C.F.R., as a buyer, as well as the sale/buy price of coal, aspect which will influence the evolution of coal mining in the whole inter-war period.


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