Imaginea liderului în artele plastice

Leader’s image in art

Autor: Anca Maria Zamfir


This study discusses the manner art materialised the abstract notion of power through leader’s image. Taking into consideration the fact that the mentality of a society is determined both by religion and the terrestrial realiy, the discussion implies two kinds of leaders: the heavenly one, spiritual and mythic, and the terrestrial one. The balancing of power between Heaven and Earth is reflected in the way one or another of the leaders is represented. We intend to observe how do the two worlds determine leader’s image and how do the relations between religious life and terrestrial life determine the relations between the image of the religious and the terrestrial leader. The principies of representation and perception of them are the same: leader’s superiority and the necesity of his representation, imposed both formally and ideologically. The image of both of them varies in time according to the socio-historical and religious conjuncture, determinating various feelings and attitudes, from veneration to hate, from the image-substitute of person to the image without effect. All these images materialised an abstract notion, which seems to be indispensable: POWER.


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