Imaginea preoţilor români în timpul revoluţiei de la 1848-1849 aşa cum se reflectă ea în unele scrieri maghiare din a doua jumătate a secolului al XIX-lea

Romanian priests image in 1848-1849 revolution as it is reflected in some Hungarian writings from second half of 19th century
Autor: Valer Rus

Romanian priests activity during the 1848-1849 Revolution kept the attention of Hungarian writers after the events. Naturally, that image divides maniheistic ally in positive and negative. The rapport between those two is more inverse proportionally, because the few positive images are canceled by the viollent negative ones.
The violence and excesses of civilian war generated demonisation of “fellow-citizens”. Romanians had a negative image, hard to abolish, even by the passing of time. Hungarian collective memory, well maintained by orally, folklore, will perpetuate an unpleasant image about Romanians. And between those who suffered the consequences of this image were the Romanian priests, whatever they were orthodox or Greek-catholic.

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