In memoria Alfred Macalik (1888-1979)

In memoriam Alfred Macalik (1888-1979)

Autor: Ronald Hochhauser

 Alfred Macalik was a realist artist of fine-art with a firm and original temperament. He had never allowed to be excessivelly influenced by the “trends” of the 20th century. He wasn’t the representative of a particular style but all his works were born as a result of a deep love for mankind and nature.

During his lifetime, his artistical activity for more than six decades, had constantly remained in the attention of the press. The Criş County Museum, from Oradea, holds 32 painting and 11 graphical works of his creation.

In 1930, in the city crossed by the waters of the Cris river, the artist sets up his own school of graphics and paintings, haning it until 1937.

Between the years 1949-1953 he is a teacher at the Popular Art School from Oradea.

Macalik was also known for the restoration of paintings and for his implication in the musical life of the city.

He composed classical music and at around 1930, he even was the leader of a chamber orchestra.

As Oradea’s State Philarmony was established he became member and conductor of the symphonical orchestra.

This polyrealist character, from his youth until his death, had an ample activity, which wasn’t limited at his fine-art (he created over 1700 works and had more than 100 exhibitions) but also musical creations. It included consideration on art and life itself , expressed by outstanding autobiographical papers.

Macalik was always present in the era of his life, as an artist, a restorer, a teacher and also a composer.

He is buried at Municipal Cemeery from Oradea.

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