Încoronarea de la Alba Iulia din 15 octombrie 1922 oglindită în documente hunedorene

The coronation of Alba Iulia since 15 october 1922 reflected by the Hunedoara documents

Autor: Gherghina Boda

The king Ferdinand I ascended the Romania’s throne at 11 october 1914 and he reigned until his death in 1927. His reign was marked by two majors events: the First World war and the Great Union from December 1ist 1918.
For his loyalty towards the romanians aspirations and as a homage for his political actions, Ferdinand I was crowned at Alba Iulia at 15 octobre 1922 as „the first king of all Romanians”.
The metropolitan Miron Cristea put the crowns on the altar, in the Crowning Church. The crowning ceremony included the solemn liturgy, consecration of the crowns and the oath reading.
The crowning ceremony happened the next day in Bucharest.

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