Intrarea împăratului Francisc Iosif I în 1852 în Transilvania. Discurs şi reprezentare

The entering of king Francisc Joseph the 1st in Transylvania in 1852. Discourse and representation

Autor: Petre Din

 „The Royal Entrances” as remarkable events in the life become themes and motives of the discourse an representation belonging especially to power and subordonated to celebration and festivals.

Interpretations of these events have been made in three directions: historical, historical-antropological and cultural anthropological. The Royal Entrances are interpreted as events which bad to celebrations, festivals in the community and explain a type of cultural behaviour in the city world when meeting Kings an princes. As anz other celebration, the royal entrances are a break from the reality, the celebration days alternating with the labour days. The royal entrances are preceded by the shaping of the towers’social space by an atmosphere full of fun, the festivals being a testimony of royal symbols.


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