Inventarul bisericii din sat, reflectarea ataşamentului ţăranului din Mărginimea Sibiului pentru religie şi cultură. Studiu monografic în satul Galeş

The church Inventory – a Reflection of the Attachment of the Peasant in Mărginimea Sibiului to Religion and Culture

Autor: Carmina Maior


The ethnographical investigation made in Galeş, a village in Mărginimea Sibiului, has in view the inhabitant’s religious mentality, from the 18th to 20th century, reflected in the church inventory.

A prosperous village in the 18th century, the peasant built a new church made of stone and endowed it with bells, clock and a collection of books.

The habit of inscribing on the books, offers the opportunity to get information about priests, cantors and other representative people of the village, and the place they brought the books from, offers us information about their journey, as shepherds.

These religions books represent their wish for emancipation and their permanent connection with their brothers across the mountains. The praise of religions books is also demonstrated by the existence, even today, of some private collections, inherited from generation to generation, containing also unique pieces (manuscripts).

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