János Ferencz Fetzer colecţionar şi arheolog amator din Sălajul sfârşitului sec. xix – începutul sec. xx

János Ferencz Fetzer – antiquities collector and amateur Archaeologist from Sălaj county to the end of the xix -th – beginning of the xx-th century

Autor: Ioan Bejinariu

The study presents few dates about the contributions of J. F. Fetzer (probably teacher to Şimleu Silvaniei between 1890-1910) to the archaeological discoveries from former Sălaj county (before 1918). Between 1896 and 1910 Fetzer has published in Archaeológiai Értesitö few studies about the archaeological discoveries from excavations and accidental discoveries from „Măgura Şimleului” area, and another localities from Sălaj.

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