„Marcaje” pe mormintele getice

„Marks” on getik graves

 Autor: Angelica Bălos

Since ancient times, the concerning for dead persons from community manifested through carring out the funerary rites and rituals and posthumos rituals. To recognize the graves was placed certain marks from which, only the stone one resisted through time.

In case of some graves from Getas plane necropolis researched till now, was observed some marks. In the Bugeac necropolis most of graves has a distinct stones group, the funerary furniture being lower or in the inferior level of those. At Canlia, inside of few graves were found stones which didn’n protect the urn and in the necropolis from Enisala, inside the plane graves, the vessels’rim was at the antic step level. In the necropolis from Stelnica were found vessels fragments placed on the graves that may be interprated like traces of periodical rituals.

The fact, that are no superposed graves and the vessels fragments or the vessels placed on the graves plead for the existence of the marks on the graves, made probably by perishable materials (wood), little earth knoll etc.

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