Meşterii constructori din Transilvania – secolele xiii – xvi

Master builders in Transyvania (13en-16en centuries)

 Autor: Ionuţ Codrea

The evolution of artistic work in the middle ages was determined by the collaboration of two factors: the one who orders (the commendatory) and the one who execute the design (the master).

The repertory regards all the masters who work on a construction site: the architects, the masons, the brick masons, the carpenters, the blacksmiths, the brick maker and the lime burner.

There are two periods of economic development, both in the 15-century, which leads to the growth of construction sites.

The architects, the masons and the brick masons are the ones in charged of construction. In Transylvania there are no distinction between their works. The carpenters have also an important role on the site. They are in charged with the builder’s scaffolds, shuttering and the roofs. The brick masons, the blacksmiths and the lime burners are important. Without them, the construction site will not work properly.

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