Meşteşugari şi comercianţi din Plasa Rupea

Artisans and merchants of Rupea placement

Autor: Mariana Borcoman


The area described in the hereby article has witnessed several administrative organizational structures throughout centuries. It attracted the Hungarian royalty’s attention and was subsequently included in the Saxon’s self-administered colonies. For a millennium, this region enjoyed an active economic life, which is proved by the guilds’ structures and afterwards by the small enterprises established at the beginning of the 20th century. The medieval guilds, out of which 12 were in the county of Rupea, played an important economic role.

In the 18th century they resulted in numerous craftsmen and traders, that is, an economic continuum. Around the capital, in the neighboring villages, and later in the county of Rupea, categories of craftsmen and tradesmen carried on their existence and provided for the local needs.

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