Muzeul în contextul preocupărilor legate de prezervarea patrimoniului cultural imaterial

The museum in the framework of concerns related to the preservation of the immaterial cultural heritage

 Autor: Corina Bejinariu

The present study is intended to underline through a brief approach an up-to-date problem: the immaterial heritage and the ways it is still kept. We started from the assumption that it should not be an arbitrary distinction between what is material and what it is not. Such a distinction would lead to the ignorance of the fact that, for instance, all the artefacts imply a part of immateriality in them. Therefore we defined the contents that cover the immaterial heritage, with an emphasis on the fact that it relates not only to spiritual forms, customs, rites, narrative structures etc. but also to the historical, social and economic contexts of the artefacts in the museum exhibitions.

In our pursuit to render the role of the museum in keeping and valuing the immaterial heritage we highlighted one of the permanent collaborations of our museum to the students, collaboration based on field research of the popular culture and the display of the information on the occasion of school contests set up on ethnographical themes.


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