Necropola medieval-timpurie de la Deva – Micro 15. Date vechi – consideraţii noi

Early medieval necropolis from Deva – Micro 15. Old informations – New considerations

Autor: Daniel-Costin Ţuţuianu


The aim of this paper work is to clarify the many in concordances from the archaeological literature concerning the early medieval necropolis from Deva-Micro15. These ambiguities (errors and confusions) have propagated along those 30 years since the necropolis was found until the moment when it is very hard to understand well and to know better this problem.

The many confusions that we are going to try to refer to and if it is possible to clarify them are the number of the graves and the inventory coming from these. It was necessary to putting up to date the informations that we have until now and to make all kind of completions, this being another aim of this paper-work.


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