Nicolae Sindea alias Ciocăneşti de Roşcani

Nicolae Sindea alias Ciocăneşti of Roşcani

Autor: Ioan Ovidiu Muntean Delaroşcani


The work reveals the fact that Michael the Brave, „the eastern star of Christianity”, as the representative of the Emperor Rudolf II, took the Ciocăneşti brothers as associates în his work of rebuilding „the Dacian block” and raised them at the rank of „true nobles of Transylvania and Hungary”, their diploma of ennoblement being the only one still existing în the patrimony of the Romanian State Archives, and the colours of the coat of arms awarded to them on that occasion, blue, yellow and red, were to be, after 250 years, the Romanian flag.

Nicolae Sindea of Roşcani, brother by the mother to noble Gheorghe Ciocăneşti and full brother to Stefan Jósika, the Chancellor of Transylvania at that time, built the basis of a long row of successors and heirs of both sexes, considered and known as „true and undoubtedly nobles”, all of them being known în Roşcani nowadays under the name of Sindea.


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