O figurină antropomorfă aparţinând culturii Petreşti de la Alba Iulia – Lumea Nouă

An anthropomorphic figurine belonging to Petreşti Culture found in Alba Iulia – Lumea Nouă

Autor: Mihai Gligor

 The present paper presents the discovery of a male anthropomorphic statuette belonging to the Petreşti culture. It was discovered in 2003 at Alba Iulia – Lumea Nouă, following a preventive archaeological research. We know the precise stratigraphic context where the statuette was found, namely surface I/2003, square 4, at a depth of 30-40 cm, within the Petreşti culture layer.

The importance of this discovery is related to the fact that there are only 35 figurines of this kind in the development area of the Petreşti culture, and only six of them are male representations.

The statuette from Alba Iulia – Lumea Nouă comes to support the theory according to which the discoveries of male figurines belong to the developed stages of the Petreşti culture (A-B, B) and marks the moment that signifies the increasing of the importance of man for the economic-social life of the communities bearing this culture.

Starting from this discovery – which comes to complete the repertory of plastic anthropomorphic representations from the Petreşti culture – we may assert that there is a slightly difference regarding the elements of the fertility and fecundity cult, namely the possibility that there are various means of expressing the magical-religious beliefs.

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