O paralelă între coloanele dedicate lui Iupiter în Dacia şi cele descoperite în provinciile vestice

A parallel between columns dedicated to Iupiter in Dacia and those discovered in the western provinces

Autor: Anca Timofan

 Most of the Jupiter columns from Dacia were discovered in Apulum (Partos area, Fig. 1, 2) and Ampelum (Zlatna). The manner of building monumental columns dedicated to Jupiter is not very often encountered in our province but is wide-spread in the western provinces (Germania Superior and Inferior, Gallia, Raetia, Britannia, Fig 3, 4, 5).

A parallel between those and the Jupiter columns discovered in Dacia, reveals visible differences and certain analogies as well. Therefore some of the arhitectural elements such as capitals or statues of Jupiter (Tronans type) discovered in Dacia could be used as constituent parts of a Jupiter column (Fig.12, 13, 14, 15). There is not just a matter of structure, dimensions and ornamentation but is also about how the pattern was transmited to the eastern provinces of the Roman Empire.

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