O reevaluare a contextului descoperirii osemintelor umane din galeria m a Peşterii Muierilor de la Baia de Fier

A new estimation for the human bones context of discovery in the M Galery of Muierilor Cave from Baia de Fier

 Autor: Marian Cosac

This paper underlines the possibility that the human remains in section A, belonging to the M Gallery from Muierilor Cave might be contemporaneous with the Aurignacian material found in the Main Gallery. Despite the fact that the human remains were redeposited in section A following a natural mechanical displacement of the sediment, radiometric dating allows the framing of a 29,000-30,000 BP time span of contemporaneity between the human remains and the Aurignacian material. Given this time span, the only similar cultural association of bone points, end scrapers and burins is be found in Mitoc Malu Galben.

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