O Villa Suburbana de la Apulum

An Villa Suburbana from Apulum


Matei Drîmbărean,

Gabriel Tiberiu Rustoiu

 The archeological research took place in the archeological site from Apulum, north-west from the Roman necropolis from “Staţia de Salvare”. There were discovered tiling materials, pottery fragments, iron and bronze materials, as well as the traces of a Roman age wall. The destination of the edifice was that of villa suburbana and was probably used from mid-second century A.D. until the abandonment of Dacia. It is also presented a map of the main discoveries of villae suburbanae in the area of Apulum. Among the materials found we remark two bricks bearing the same seal:

Leg(io) XIII Gem (ina)

Aur(elius) Eudoxus

This was a brick maker master whose cognomen, Eudoxius, has Greek origin. This name appears repeatedly in Apulum (see bibliography). There was also found an iron spear (hasta ferrata), weapon for hand to hand combat. Worth mentioning is also a bronze bracket, with a quadrangular body produced through fretwork, and with decorations in the shape of pelta. Pieces of this type were attached to the leather belt with rivets. The dating of this objective, is based on the materials presented as well as on the analogies with other discoveries in the same area. 

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