Participarea românilor din ţinutul Orăştiei la realizarea Marii Uniri din 1918

The participation of the romanians from Orăştie Country side to the accomplishment of the Great Union of 1918

Autor: Ioachim Lazăr


The great quest from 1918 is explained by the enthusiastic participation of romanians from all the countrysides to its accomplishment. A prominent place in this national event is due to the romanians of Orăştie Countryside. The discovery of a series of inedited documents put in new light the participation of the people of this historical zone to the actions concerning the achievement of Romanian national state.

On the actions during the first World War concerning the achievement and the consolidation of the Great Union they have been involved all the people from Orăştie Countryside: politicians, priests, teachers, lawyers, military people and peasants. Between the personalities of these events we mentionne dr. Aurel Vlad and Ioan Mihu.

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